About Theodore Roosevelt

American section students in CE1 have been studying about Theodore Roosevelt. They have been learning about how the teddy bear was named after the 26th president when he refused to shoot a black bear on a hunting trip. Here are some examples of their work explaining how the teddy bear came about.

Liberty Bell

This week in 1st Grade, the American Section hung up our liberty bells!  After studying the history of this great American symbol, we made our own paper mache versions that really ring.  We are looking forward to our final scavenger hunt led by a special guest in Philadelphia who will give… Lire la suite

About Georges Washington

Les élèves de la section internationale américaine en CE1 ont travaillé sur George Washington. Ils ont appris beaucoup de choses intéressantes sur lui depuis son plus jeune âge jusqu’à sa mort. Ici les élèves tiennent des affiches qu’ils ont faites sur sa vie avec des informations sur qui il était,… Lire la suite