Scuba diving activity

Have you always dreamed of exploring the underwater world? A unique extra-curricular activity is offered to LFJ families. Registration to an initiation to scuba diving with

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3 activities on campus!

From Monday, April 26th, 3 sports activities (badminton, gymnastics, swimming) will be offered on campus in small groups to students from Moyenne Section to High School. These

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Precision work

After more than a year of silence, the famous LFJ piano installed in the new music room received special attention this week. Before going back

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Gustav Klimt

Do you know Gustav Klimt? Born in Austria in 1862, he is one of the most prominent Symbolist painters of the Art Nouveau movement. After

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Investigation in the past

Who remembers Jan Masaryk? Diplomat, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechoslovakia, under the presidency of Benes, who succeeded his own father Tomas Masaryk, Jan died on

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