One of the cornerstones of the SI program is looking beyond the classroom for cultural enrichment. Our approach is three-pronged: cultural exchanges, field trips and a guest speaker program.

When our classes participate in cultural exchanges, they have the opportunity to interact with American students their own age through different platforms. Some classes participate in pen pal programs or virtual video exchanges, and we have even created a podcast to interview experts in the US. The objective is always to let the students develop relationships with their peers and share their different perspectives. We believe that all the hours we spend focusing on writing and conversational skills should pay off with fun and interactive activities that help us broaden our minds and build bridges!

Field trips here in Jakarta are a fantastic way to encourage hands-on learning and exposure to American culture! Between attending plays, events at @America and local museum exhibits, the students in the SI program can experience American culture despite being thousands of kilometers from the US.

As part of our guest speaker program, we are always thrilled to welcome outside speakers in to share their experiences on relevant topics. We explore themes of citizenship, service-based learning and US culture in the classroom. There is no shortage of Americans here in Jakarta, whether through the Embassy or professionals on the ground, who are excited to participate in our classroom curriculum!

Beyond the classroom, the SI classes also participate in the parent-led Multicultural Day, the Language Festival and a host of holiday related festivities like Halloween and 4th of July!