Linguistic support

The French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and French as an Education Language (FLSco) systems allows students who are new to the French language to integrate better into the French school system. The lessons are aimed at children from GS to CM2. The work sessions are individualized and adapted to each child's curriculum, in conjunction with the class and the reference teacher.

promotes integration and academic success

To accommodate students who do not speak French or only a little bit, we offer a support system with teachers specializied in FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and FLSco (French as an Education Language).

This unique system is mainly intended for students who have just joined our school and who have little or no command of French, but also to those who are still learning the French language and who therefore need to consolidate their skills. This teaching system allows them to access the fundamental learning skills required in school.

Rentree scolaire Lycee Francais de Jakarta

specialized lessons

In order to promote their integration, these students are enrolled in a reference class corresponding to their age. They are offered working sessions (depending on the students’ needs) with a specialist teacher responsible for helping them progress sufficiently in French to be able to follow their reference class in fine.

In small level groups, children discover, exercise or consolidate their knowledge of French thanks to specific methods and various material (language games, books, songs, etc.) which allow them to confidently enrich their lexicon and gradually better understand and better express themselves in French.

Well supported in their discovery of the French language, children quickly learn the vocabulary they need and become independent in their daily learning.

a rich experience

This system adapts to your child’s specific needs and to their learner profile. Thus, the FLE / FLSco curriculum is intensive and daily at a beginner level, and is applied as needed at an intermediate level. It is intended to be reduced during the school year as your child progresses.

This support structure in French responds to a concern of our teaching teams to facilitate the integration of all students into our system.

How to best help your child in the success of his school year?

First of all, in addition to the arrangements put in place during school time, it is absolutely essential to regularly monitor your child’s progress at home to give them every chance of success. In addition, care should be taken, as possible, to maintain exposure to the French language, for example by enrolling in extra-curricular activities in French, encouraging them to read books, viewing audiovisual media in French (eg TV5Monde), or through some time spent in France.