School supplies catalog

LFJ wishes to be part of a logic of sustainable development. This is why we are offering you a new list of school supplies for the 2021-2022 school year so that collectively we can generalize an eco-citizens policy.


Some school supplies that cannot be found in stationery shops in Jakarta are offered by the LFJ “shop”.

Our 3 tips for an eco-responsible school year

Reuse last year's supplies.

Scissors, pencil sharpeners, school bags, pencil cases, binders, folders…. are reusable from one year to the next.

For products that you no longer wish to use, we invite you to drop them off at the collection point at the entrance of LFJ in order to give them a second life.

And of course, take care of your supplies all year round!

Favor simple, durable and rechargeable supplies.

We invite you to read this brochure to make the right choices while shopping by clicking on the link below:

Buy locally.

You will find most of the school supplies in the stationery stores in Jakarta’s shopping centers near the school:

Gramedia: Pondok Indah Mall 1
PaperClip: Lippo Mall Kemang or Gandaria Mall

List of essential supplies for all middle and high school students:

A pencil case to have all year round including:

Blue, black, red and green pens, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, a pair of scissors, glue stick, assortment of colored markers, 4-color highlighters, assortment of colored pencils, graduated ruler.

supplies :

  • a set square,
  • a 30 cm graduated ruler,
  • a compass,
  • a protractor.


  • For junior high school: a CASIO or TEXAS INSTRUMENT junior high school scientific calculator. The CASIO Scientific Calculator Fx95HS can be found in Jakarta.
  • For senior high school: highly recommended model: Numworks (no problem for those who already have another model with exam mode). Please note that this calculator cannot be found in Jakarta.


Shorts or any other outfit suitable for sports. A spare t-shirt, sports shoes.

For the pool, a swimsuit (no beach shorts), a swimming cap, a pair of goggles, a towel.


Supplies per CLASS

You will find the complete list of school supplies for the 2021-2022 school year for each class from kindergarten to high school.