Vie scolaire

A place for listening and discussing

The Vie Scolaire office is open to students and families from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

The Vie Scolaire is an important part of the student's life, covering all the moments when the student is not in class, or supervised by a teacher: arrivals and departures, moving around in the school, recess, lunch time, supervised study...


Absences and late arrivals

In Primary school, any absence or late arrival must be reported to the Vie Scolaire office, to the Primary school assistant's office or to the teacher.

In Junior and Senior High school, any absence or late arrival must be reported to Vie Scolaire office.

Attendance and punctuality

Please refer to the school regulations handed out at the beginning of the year to the students and available on Eduka

The role of the Senior Education Advisor is multiple.

The Senior Education Adviser works in junior and senior high school. He is responsible for the smooth running of the school life and helps to put the students in the best learning conditions.

The Vie Scolaire office, under the responsibility of the Senior Education Advisor, has the following mission:


Safety and respect for collective rules.


Management and monitoring of student attendance.


Communication with families.


Monitoring of students in conjunction with the teachers.


Management of absences and late arrivals in Secondary school.

Under the responsibility of the Senior Education Advisor, the education assistants take care of:

The education assistants step in even for the slightest incident but they are also, thanks to their proximity on the field, attentive to the students' needs.